Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz sold out, PowerCon up next!

I worked with Lee for 2 months prepping Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz for release, we played with the production numbers using C2E2 as a guide and forecasting an increase in interest in the line.

Aztec Gold lasted all of 4 minutes, Lime Green lasted about 3hrs and Magnetic Blue lasted 5.5hrs so I think we are getting there.

Ultimately while we enjoy sell outs and are thankful for the reception we would prefer people have time to casually pick up the figures. So we will keep working on the production numbers as we move forward!

With that said we now turn our attention towards PowerCon, and tomorrow we will be showing off that Exclusive figure and giving all the details about his release. So check back Saturday to find out who is releasing next for Mystical Warriors of the Ring!

We are also currently working on our plans for NYCC, we are not quite sure if we will personally be there but MWOTR will be present and we intend to make a BIG splash in the Big Apple to celebrate our 1 Year Anniverary 🙂

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5 Responses to Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz sold out, PowerCon up next!

  1. Chris says:

    Was Treegarr one of the figures required with a ticket to get the 2014 figure? I so wanted to get Treegarr but I just didnt have the time yesterday to get online and pick him up.

    • Mark says:

      No, he was a collaboration figure who came with a golden ticket which can replace any missed ticket. But he is not required for the mail away.

      Sheldon Sabre comes with the 3rd required ticket

  2. Thistlehair says:


  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Congratulations on another successful sale!

  4. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Congrats on the sell outs. I can’t wait to get this guy but the lime green is the color that I am really excited about.

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