Sheldon Sabre Bio

Read the story of the 1st ever AWF World Heavyweight Champion

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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Leo Corazon…

    The lion?

    The gator?

    Or yet another grappler?

    To borrow a phrase from a certain toy line: Keep reading the bios!

    • Mark says:

      Leo is a lion but not the one from the Logo

      All will be revealed in the coming weeks, we have the entire 2013 roster completed at this point

      • Feroz Nazir says:

        Cool, can’t wait to see the roster!

        • Mark says:

          We have a really cool final tag team and Leo to reveal.

          That makes 14 wrestlers to pull from the first year. I have many more in mind but I capped it at 4 tag teams and 6 singles to have some leeway on which toys to make.

          We are working on lining up possible webisode style animation work for the end of the year, however that takes much more time then toy development so that might be a 2014 thing.

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