AWF Heavyweight Championship Belt

OK we know there is absolutely no way to follow up yesterdays news but since that kicked off a month of celebrating our 1 year Birthday we figured this would be cool to show off.

AWF Heavyweight Title

We intended to have this in time for PowerCon but something came up and the timing did not work out right. But things are back on track and we can now show off the awesome work that ProAm Belts out of Ohio has been working on.

This life size belt is what we will be using as a model for our minifigure belt.

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3 Responses to AWF Heavyweight Championship Belt

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    I like the color selection and shape of the belt.

    I’m not sure about having a realistic looking bird on one of the medallions, this is a world of anthropomorphs after all.

    The print of a birds foot would be more fitting, especially with the mamal foot print on the other side.

    Then again shouldn’t spiders, reptiles, amphibians and tree folk also be represented on the belt?

    Argh! decisions… decisions…

    • Mark says:

      You should know by now I do everything for a reason 😉 the two plates on the belt relate specifically to the Legends line and celebrate the creation of the AWF. If you remember in the bios they used to compete for a yearly cup. The items on this belt relate in part to that cup.

  2. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    I think you topped yesterday’s news.

    That is one nice looking belt.

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