Big Leo Scale Comparison

We figured it would be neat to see how our Big Leo print scales, as you can see he is almost 4x the size of the original minifigure




If the guys at True Cast Studio can work their magic we have a special project for C2E2. Here is a tease from that project.


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3 Responses to Big Leo Scale Comparison

  1. michael j hilliard says:

    WOW! That is one huge figure!

    Oh. Leander is nice to.

  2. Feroz Nazir says:

    I was already impressed by the size of Big Leo.
    Perhaps the next time we can see a painted version? 🙂

    Will Leander be a slightly adjusted Leo sculpt or an all new one?

    • Mark says:

      If everything goes as planned it will be a slightly adjusted sculpt in terms of details (only Leo and his Grandfather have letters on their mask) and you will meet the rest of Leo’ family in the process 😉

      The point of this project if we can get it to work is to show the versatility of the digital sculpt and getting a lot of ideas and use out of one design 🙂

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