Tembo Concept Sketch

Tembo Jiwe week continues with a look at his original sketch, done by my longtime friend Garry Hess.

The story behind his creation is that I had an idea for a Giant who was the enemy of Kayin, I had wanted that to be Elephant. So in talking to Garry about it he came up with the concept of a Stone Elephant and I offered him the chance to create him as a character.

Tembo Concept


You can see that a lot of his original elements remained, in this concept drawing he is wearing more of a ring entrance type of outfit (like Sheldon’s robe would be). If we were to do a 2nd sculpt of him I would probably have Simon do the attire in this concept sketch (the current sculpt is his in ring wrestling look)

Remember to come back Friday night/Saturday morning for the first look at Tembo’s 2014 sculpt 🙂


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  1. michael j hilliard says:

    I like the concept drawing better. I would like to see the concept drawing colored.

    However. The art you went with for your poster is the way to go.

    I would like to see the concept drawing as a 2nd figure.

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