We give you Tembo Jiwe, the next Giant figure!

As we move along we always want to try out new things and I like to push Simon in terms of what we can do for of our sculpts.

When we put things to a vote earlier this year and Tembo came out near the top we wanted to make sure we went that extra mile and got a Giant who not only could take on Kayin and Goliath but set the standard for our Giants going forward.

Scaling is very important to us, we make each character unique and their size plays into that, just as Kayin is taller than Goliath but not as wide, Tembo is taller then both and in the middle as far as bulk. This affords him the ability to put up a fight with both characters. Kayin gains the ability to use his aerial speed and acrobatics that he cannot really use on the smaller figures, and Goliath has a foe he can literally go toe to toe with (think Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd).

As always Simon did an amazing job with his sculpt and major thanks and props go out to Josh Edwards of True Cast Studio for getting this guy ready for prime time. We will have some more pictures of him next week against other figures to give you the true sense of scale. You will also notice in 2 of the pictures a little hint at our other projects that are being worked on 😉

So enough of my rambling, currently set to be a C2e2 Exclusive Release we are proud to finally reveal the first 2014 Sculpt (remember Yvonne was a preview figure)





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5 Responses to We give you Tembo Jiwe, the next Giant figure!

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Awesome sculpt!

    I think this is the first one that makes you feel he’s really coming at you.

  2. Thistlehair says:

    Nice sculpt! Will probably end up being one of my favorites.

  3. jevon says:

    BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. michael j hilliard says:


    I like the pose.

  5. Mr. Ball says:

    This one looks great. I hope I get a chance to score a Goliath too.

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