First prototype sale of 2014 starting 1/30 @ Noon CST

Starting this Thursday at Noon CST we will begin offering a 4 day made to order service where you can pickup the urethane collectors editions of the 3 figures we sent to China. We understand people may not be interested due to the release of these figures in PVC which is why we are doing them made to order.

The sale will take place at MWOTR’s original home Fantastic Plastic Toys

Each will cost $25, if you buy all 3 they will be shipped free anywhere in the USA

They will come branded for the Hellish Holidays Pay Per View Event and contain

  1. 1-2 Art Cards
  2. 30 Page Volume 3 Comic Book
  3. Commemorative Event Ticket

As the week goes on we will have some images of the cardbacks and mockups of the figures

  • Kayin Kungaa will be offered in a “Grape Ape” Purple to Pink Thermal Color Change as well as a Purple Metallic
  • Widowmaker will be offered in a Black to Red Thermal Color Change & a Metallic Red
  • Sheldon Sabre will be offered in a Sky Blue to Colorless (similar to his PowerCon Robed Edition) and a Metallic Blue

These will ship sometime in Mid-March-Early May. Due to our 2 back to back Convention appearances we will be unable to get these produced in our normal 30 day window.

Since these figures will come with commemorative event tickets that qualify for the Yvonne Wolfrom mail away figure, we will extend the Mail Away promotion to June 15th 2014 (an updated redemption form will be online today or tomorrow)

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  1. jevon says:

    Cant wait to see “grape ape”!!!!!!!

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