Project “Generations” Artwork

I have always said the AWF has a long and storied history, some of which has been alluded to in the bios and a lot which will come out in upcoming comics and figures throughout 2014 and 2015. This is part of that long and storied history which till has now has been in my head.

As we get closer to C2E2 at the end of April we will be letting you know what exactly this project is. You will learn about the Corazon family in the way of bios and new artwork and it will culminate with the official release details of our 5″ Lion project!

First up is some kick ass artwork by Nathan Newell of Dork Dimension, originally used for our War Games Leo Corazon release last year we have been able to modify it and recolor it for the purposes of this project


Top Row: Alberto, Ashur, Ransom
Bottom Row: Leander, Leo, Sabio

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