Constructing the Cage

As you can see this will be just one of many passes, revisions, and constructs to find the one we will use. 3D sculpting is tricky especially when it comes to producing a test shot as the larger the design the more expensive it becomes to reproduce.

Unlike the Characters or the Heavyweight Belt, I am working on the sculpting of the Cage myself


Thankfully we have 10 or so months to figure it all out. If Digital production of the cage ends up being too expensive we will look into metalworks as an option

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  1. Michael Hilliard says:

    Will it take you the entire 10 months to find out? or will you know earlier say around the 7th month?

    • Mark says:

      It depends on a lot of factors, I won’t be revealing anything about the December Christmas release until around October anyway.

      • Feroz Nazir says:

        But if you say it like that you have the risk of building up big expectations for the Christmas release! 😉

        Since it’s still in the early stages I would like to mention that it would be cool if we could place figures on top of the corners of the cages.

        Shades of Jimmy Snuka if you will… 😉

        • Mark says:

          Well I can’t control how excited you all get :p

          The corners of the cage will depend on how the sides fit together, I know in past toy cage releases they have made the cage connectors flat pieces and if I go that route then in theory the characters should have a place to stand to jump off the cage. It is in the back of my mind since as the bios state Ulric threw Sheldon off the top of the cage in order to the win the belt. Given that the cage is planned right now for December if you read the bios you might be able to figure who is coming with the cage ….

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