C2E2 Price List

Starting on Friday we will be at C2E2 in booth #750 as part of “The Block” being hosted by the always awesome Nerd City!

We will have our entire arsenal of sculpts past and present, the AWF title belt life sized and WIP miniature, and a host of product to introduce new fans to MWOTR!

For those coming we will have

  • Full production playmats, 10″ x 15″ , full color,  and 1/8″ thick rubber bottomed for roll up and rugged play $10.00
  • PVC 3 Packs in Pearlescent Green $9
  • PVC 3 Packs in Metallic Black (known as Gunmetal) $9
  • Generations 5″ Lion in single color $50
  • Generations 5″ Lion color separated to represent each character $100
  • Rings with our GiTD ropes $5
  • MWOTR Anthology, 65pg Trade Paperbacks $5
  • Tembo Jiwe 2.5″ Urethane Prototypes: Black to Clear Thermal Color Change, Metallic Black, and Gold $30

The Trade Paperbacks and Production Playmats will be while supplies last, if they sell out we will decide to reorder them for the TrueCast studio store.

Tembo Jiwe will be EXTREMELY limited, the lowest production run we have ever done solely due to the time and care needed to make each one (he is almost 7 parts) so once he is sold out he will not be available again till after the Convention and then only one run of figures will be made.

The Generations Lions we will have 2 full sets of color separated Lions (so 2 of each character), once they are sold out they are sold out. We have had a great many requests for them and have already sold out of Alberto once online as well as just sold out of the single colored Purple edition.

We will also be openly discussing our next series of PVC production, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me at the Con! Who knows a certain former Heavyweight Champion might make an appearance at the Con or online in his new PVC only version 😉


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3 Responses to C2E2 Price List

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Nice line up.

    Have fun!

  2. JFW says:

    Will Tembo & Goliath ever be made in PVC?

    • Mark says:

      Those two Giants right now are not being looked for the next wave of PVC, their size and number of parts would mean I would have to charge $10-12 for a 2″ scaled miniature and I don’t think the numbers are there to make that profitable right now. Goliath is ready to go into PVC at any moment, possibly after Series 2 the fanbase will be at a point where we think we can revisit the herculean giants like Tembo and Goliath.

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