Preliminary Belt Designs

It was difficult to come up with designs for these belts, we did not want to use the old standby WWE/TNA/UFC Belt Designs that most organizations use.


So we tried to design belts that were modern yet had callbacks to the titles from various Regions (Japan, Mexico, American South).

Whether these can be translated into small belts remains to be seen, I did a test sculpt last night that shows most of the details will remain on the smaller scale



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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    These look cool, but there is also something about the design of the belt in the bio art.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a sculpt of that belt along with a story about how it was destroyed by a sore loser after a thrilling match. Tito Santana versus Greg Valentine comes to mind. 😉

    • Mark says:

      I am already 3 steps ahead of you 😉

      There is actually 3 versions of the championship, there is the original trophy title mentioned in Sheldon’s bio, the title you see in the pics of Ulric and Sheldon and these belts. Throughout wrestling history the belt has always changed forms for one reason or another (WWF Title Change after the title was held up causing the Tournament at Wrestlemania IV, Shane Douglas throwing the NWA Title Belt in the trash leading to the creation of ECW, etc). This is just one of those instances and will be explained further as we go along 🙂

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