MWOTR Tag Team Overview 1985-Present

A lot of times people read the bios but don’t remember who the teams are, and without a comic its hard to remember them as easily as we do the singles. We have Lee working on some of that now as we have a 3 comic arc that will flesh out a lot of the story with some of these teams.

So I made this little info sheet that shows all the teams revealed to this point and their names. Now of course there is a huge gap of time missing between Roaring Thunder and Vision, whose time encompassed the Mid 1980’s , and Lapin Loco and the Fortune Seekers who control the landscape now. That is to be expected as our chronology lasts well over 30-40 years and we only have so many resources.tagteammaster

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    so these are teams throughout the years?

    • Mark says:

      The teams revealed so far yes, in a nutshell Roaring Thunder fought Vision which led to Nightfall turning on Ransom, then we fast forward about 25 years to see Deadly Dawgs take on Winged Fury which led to the loser leaves town match that ended the Deadly Dawgs career and gave Winged Fury the titles that they then lost to Lapin Loco, with Fortune Seekers and Bloodlust fighting it out for a chance at the title.

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