Unseen animation

We have not talked about animation for quite some time, mainly because we have been too busy with other facets of the brand to be honest.

There is always development going on in different areas, but honestly the toys and comics are just cheaper and easier to produce so that is where our primary focus has been much of the year.

When we showed off our little animation last year at the launch of the line, we used a method that animated the character models (the ones used to make the digital prints). Some people did not like this method instead wanting a more traditional animated method.

What was unknown to most people is that kind of animation does/did exist, it is currently unfinished and far from anything we would show.  The entire concept of MWOTR was originally designed to be an animated series, long before toy prototypes and comics, we had registered an animation bible and storylines with the Writers Guild.

We will show you a frame from that hand drawn animation, its obvious there is some work that needed to be done to it when this frame was taken but you can see where it is heading. But its a neat thing to look at and further proof that we are always up to something.



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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Cool looking frame!

    I did see potential in the animation and great stories will proof their worth even though it is presented in a manner that people are not accustomed to.

    In any case, thanks for sharing. 🙂


    people didn’t like that animation style?

    I like it already just by looking at a still.

    When you say hand drawn, you mean like how they used to do it? Like in the old Disney movies and older cartoons?

    • Mark says:

      Yes and No, nobody uses the old method of art cels anymore. Everything is now digital but its done hand drawn on a tablet or with pen interface vs the flash and CGI methods most people use.

      So it was done in about as old a style as is technologically allowed these days lol

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