Test shot is here!

We are literally shaking with excitement, after months of waiting Ulric has went from sketch to 2D to 3D and now reality!

The pictures do not show off the details as much since he is clear (we had to go with clear to get the most detailed plastic test we could)

Better pics will come this weekend

IMG_0111 IMG_0120  IMG_0122 IMG_0123IMG_0121

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5 Responses to Test shot is here!

  1. Michael Hilliard says:

    So only the test shot figure will be clear?

    • Mark says:

      The regular figures will be in a different colorway, clear is possible as one of those. But for getting the test shot the options were white, black, blue and clear. Clear is the only one that guarantees the details because the colored versions have to be polished and thus lose some of the detail

  2. Bartimus says:

    VERY cool!

  3. Feroz Nazir says:


    If clear has the most details, why not sell them like that?

    • Mark says:

      Clear only provides the most detail for the test shot/prototype. Once the test shot and prototype are made I can reproduce the in whatever I want

      Its due to the different materials used, since the figures will initially be made of resin I can choose any color that I want and it will retain all the details. The test shot though is made out of a special plastic for digital sculpt production that is why it takes almost a month to produce just 1 figure from digital.

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