Full steam ahead

Now that convention season is over for us, we look forward to bringing you the 1st official production release of Evolution Goliath.

Then in the months that follow we will be bringing you the 1st production release of Series 2.

But you should know us by now, we have quite a few projects in the pipeline and new stuff always going on 🙂

2015 release schedule is dependent on a lot of things, how Goliath is received will help us determine where we go from this point with Giants such as Takeshi and Tembo.

We are hard at work on Series 3 and Series 4, and plan on touring the country again next year.  Who will show up in those series is always fluctuating, but I have some ideas and if you read Issue IV you might see some characters you will want 😉

On the comic front there are 2 more issues we are working through to complete the next storyline we start in Volume IV, and then there will be a Champions of the AWF issue which will be similar to the old Handbook of the Marvel Universe

We also have finally added a Facebook page for Mystical Warriors of the Ring , we know lots of people come to this blog for news but we never realized how many use other social media to track the line.

So if you have Facebook you can find us at https://www.facebook.com/mwotr

If you do not use Facebook, no worries, nothing will get posted there that is not also posted here.

We should be revealing a release date soon for Evolution Goliath, we hope it will be before Christmas but we want to make sure that figure is 100% ready to go in terms of product color and quality control.



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    I like how you are using M.U.S.C.L.E.-esq design. I forgot all about that. The facebook page is a good place for it.

    Yes. Onward and upward. Good luck Mark.

    You keep on making. I keep on buying.

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