Merry Christmas and Onion Fights in Japan!

The entire team would like to extend a Merry Christmas to the MWOTR nation!! We really wish we could have had Goliath available to be under trees this year but the timing just did not work out, maybe next year we will have a few more things for Christmas and who knows one of them might even be vinyl 😉

And its been a while since I did a “things I like” post, so I will talk about something I have become infatuated with. Onion Fights is the name of a indie line released in Japan in highly limited edition numbers.

Their site is (warning it is all in japanese), they can also be found on twitter and Instagram


We reached out to them in the fall and sent them a MWOTR care package, I was honored to see this picture posted on their twitter feed

And they did a neat acknowledgement of our line

Its always interesting to see another similar line across the world that is unique enough to show that the genre can co-exist with multiple types and bring a large amount of variety for fans of wrestling minis

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    Merry Christmas Mark.

    Just keep the figures coming.

    Thanks for the line. keep it going.

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