Series 3 and 4??

Series 2 should launch sometime in the late Spring, it is in the final stages of production and final test shots should come around April!

With that said we are already working on the mini figure Series 3 and 4, who would you like to see?

Do you want Lapin Loco to finally make their debut? Winged Fury? Fortune Seekers? or would you like non-wrestling characters like the commentating team of Mole E Styles and Weasal? How about some comic book characters like Francis Foul or Referee “Old Yella” Barker?

We try to mix things up and keep each series interesting, in Series 2 we have given you the first female in the MWOTR line and we have utilized a neat concept of the Generation Lion instead of just giving you Leo.

So let us know, chime in and tell us who you think should be in Series 3 and 4.

Just remember the larger scale Giants are simply not possible for inclusion into the static figure line (so not Tembo Jiwe or Takeshi Sumo), mid-tier figures tough could fit the same way Kayin launched Series 1.

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3 Responses to Series 3 and 4??

  1. Barbecue17 says:

    Lapin Loco please! I’d love to have those guys!

  2. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Can we have our cake and eat it to? i.e. a taga team and a non wrestler?


    Series 3:Fortune Seakers—non wrestler—half Lapin Loco
    Series 4:Winged Fury—non wrestler—half Lapin Loco

  3. Mr. 16Bits says:

    I for one would love a ref. I could see him done in both black, and white. You can’t have a real match without somebody to give the 3 count. I think you already want fortune seekers for wave 3, . I would also like to see more women in the line. Yvonne is the only female we got. I could also get behind some fans holding signs. Imagine a cat guy holding a blank sign that we the fans could customize to cheer Goliath, or call Sheldon a crybaby.

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