Post C2E2 Updates

It has been a whirlwind last two weeks, from the prep to the actual con itself things were very busy!

We have shipped 99% of orders placed from Sunday-Today, those final orders will ship tonight. We thank everyone for their patience and hope you enjoy your packages when they arrive!

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The response to our Series 2 has been phenomenal,  we have a small bag of Goliath bundles left and are already working out what our next colorway will be (aiming for a July release).

We have about 3 copies of Volume 4 left, the demand for this issue has been much higher then we have seen for any other issue. We will be talking to the printers in the morning.

And speaking of Volume 4, our good friend Chris did us the honor of coloring the awesome cover by JB Roe over the weekend.



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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    as always on top of things, Mark.

    that is some nice coloring.

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