Goliath running low and other stock updates

Its been crazy around here since C2E2, this picture represents all that is left of the Metallic Black C2E2 Goliath


There are maybe 5 copies of the Trade Paperback remaining. Series 2 three packs have sold about 2/3 of the way and are on keeping pace with Series 1 Metallic Black sales (which is a good thing).

We intend to have our next colorway of Goliath possibly around Mid July or Early August.

And as always we are working up what to do next, we have about 4 different production options we are looking at. If left up to MWOTR fans it would be all 4 but that just won’t happen 😉

We may expand the brand again and go with an entirely new size/type of figure, we might revisit Evolution with a long desired Giant, or we might add some more minifigures to flesh out your play areas with commentary , referees and of course more wrestlers 🙂

Our con tour continues into our backyard of Des Moines next month, so if you are anywhere near the heart of Iowa then stop by and say Hi!!


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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Come on Mark! It’s not like we the fans would make you do all 4 ideas at the same time. Ok. That’s not true, we would.

    Seriously though, if we don’t get to all 4 of them I am afraid we’d miss out on MWOTR goodness.

    I plan on stopping by. I bought my ticket, online, months ago.

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