Cage, Belts and more!

It has been an exciting week so far, multiple projects are moving forward

We are closer to the final prototype of Molie to be sent to China for possible production


The 1st working prototype for the Steel Cage has arrived, there are some adjustments we are making and will get the 2nd prototype done in Blue. More on the cage later this week including some shots of it in action. We are not quite sure how to offer it, and it will most likely not be cheap. But at least it will exist, one step at a time I suppose 🙂


And then there is this…


I told you we were working on multiple things, and there is so much more then this going on 😉

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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Glad you’re making the cage blue.

    As for the belt, didn’t you say from day one you was going to make one?

    As for Molie, have you picked out a final color for him?

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