Size and Scale in MWOTR

While working on the Talos figure, we had to decide on his size and scale. Not having debuted him yet I don’t want to spoil anything but he is roughly as tall as Goliath but scales well with Kayin and Tembo.

One of the biggest hurdles when creating a figure in our world is that they have different sizes. Some people do not like that and think we should be like most minifigure lines and make them all equal in size.

From Day 1 I have wanted to make our characters unique. In real wrestling there are all shapes and sizes.

If you remember our bios Takeshi basically ends the career of a Corazon due to the size mismatch (and more of a miscalculation on the Lions part), but Ulric is able to hold his own against Goliath in Issue 1 (until Sheldon appears).

And it got me to thinking, that HBK and the Undertaker are sized different and were able to pull off some phenomenal match-ups.

Yesterday posted an article which basically said because Brock is so big and so powerful there is not a lot of competition for him, so they came up with some dream matchups with former WWE Giants like Yokozuna and Psycho Sid.


So what excites you more? Giants fighting toe to toe or a David vs Goliath mismatch?


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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    This is an easy no brainer for me.

    Big man vs. big man.

    I know once in a while I’ll hear on the tv boo’s when two big boys battle. That bugs.

    I hate david vs. goliath. I root for the goliath to squish the runt.

    David vs. David matches are ok.

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