Happy New Year!! Year 4 begins

Wow has it really been more than a month since we last posted ?!?! Things have been insanely busy in the MWOTR HQ filling orders for Christmas and working with the Factory in China on potential new toys and possible changes to existing toys 😉

Since it has been a while here are some updates:

We have been working extensively on the overall script for Issues 5 and 6 of the MWOTR comic, hopefully in the Spring we can pop those out and also make Issue IV available again since it sold out the last time we issued it.

Some people have asked when Talos and Tembo will be available again, the answer to that is simply we don’t know. Both are complex casts with a lot of parts. Talos is 10-11 parts and Tembo is 10-13 parts. Casting, cleaning and assembling these figures is a lot harder than say Molie who is 1 piece. We are aiming for some Spring releases on both of them, hopefully in some neat and unique colors.

The Steel Cage playset is 100% ready to be printed on demand, before we do that though we are investigating if there is any way we can have them printed in mass to make the overall cost cheaper. Printing on demand as it stands now would cost anywhere from $50-65 for the playset. There are coupons that Shapeways offers to take $10-15 off your first order which would bring that cost down but it is simply an expensive product.

Also while we enjoyed touring the past two years, we are going to travel less in 2016. We are confirmed for Power-Con in California in June, and we anticipate returning to Designercon in November. Outside of that we may be returning to Wizard World Des Moines and Kansas City Comic Con, but we have not committed to those shows just yet.

So there you have an end of the year update! We wish you all a safe and happy New Year and look forward to another awesome year of MWTOR 🙂


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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Thanks for the line.

    keep them coming.

  2. jevon says:

    Cannot wait to read those comics!!

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