MWOTR now being carried at Bobakhan Toys! Post Powercon update!!

So much is going on in the world of MWOTR the past month. We finally will be revealing some new sculpts for possible Series 3! They are currently in the process of being printed and cleaned up by our team in Kansas City.


After two back to back Conventions (Kansas City Planet Comicon and PowerCon) we have less than 10 of each of the following at the Ringside Store

  • Neo-Phase Goliath
  • Blood Metal Goliath
  • Designercon MUSCLE Flesh Bundle

MWOTR continues to be carried across the USA, with our newest retail partner Bobakhan Toys in Washington!!


500 S.E. Everett Mall Way Suite A-1
Everett, WA 98208


We have a newly sculpted set of Tag Team Title Belts!

Our Tag Team titles are in the process of being printed, then they will head to the studio to be cleaned up and cast in rubber. Hopefully we will have rubber Heavyweight and Tag Titles available this fall in various colors 🙂


And our partner in Singapore Robo Robo has a few sets of custom painted Goliaths they are offering to their customers!


If you want to snag a set, they have made just 1 set available on eBay!

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