Preparing for KCCC, new toys incoming!

We have been quiet for a bit, with good reason!! As we have been preparing for Kansas City’s 2nd Comic Convention this year,  which happens next weekend!!

We have some new offerings to show off starting today

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AWF Tag Team Titles are slowing being readied in rubber, we are tweaking the design to fit larger figures. ETA is Fall 2016, possibly with a big roll out at DesignerCon in November.

Referee Barker figures in Glow in the Dark Resin are in the cleaning stage, should be able available first at KCCC next weekend!

Brand new UV Resistant Ring stickers and new trading cards have arrived, these new mats represent events that have happened in our MWOTR world.

California Calamity is the PPV where Sheldon Sabre cheated his way to his 2nd AWF Championship.

Wildfire is the name of our AWF TV Show (think our Monday Night RAW) as seen in the 4th comic featuring Lapin Loco vs Winged Fury.

Oceanic Pro Wrestling is the name of the Japanese counterpart to the AWF, not much is known about them right now but you will learn about them in the coming months 🙂

These will be included with new ring purchases starting after KCCC, but for those who do not feel like buying another ring set we will offer new rope sets (not glow in the dark, but other colorways) that come with the new stickers and new cards for around $3 (think an upgrade kit)

Stay tuned as we will be debuting two new Goliath figures, one of which is a “first’ for us as a company.

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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Now this is what I like to read.

    Cutting it close on the ref aren’t you Mark? You sweating bullets?

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