Polynesian Powerhouse…

About two months ago on Instagram we teased that we were going to pick our newest character for development into a figure


At the time the choices were

  • Bloodlust
  • Cero
  • Nightfall (who if made would be able to pair with the Leo figure for the Tag Team Roaring Thunder)
  • Winged Fury

our last three figure releases have been more minifigure oriented (Molie, Talos and Referee Barker) so we figured it was time to explore and prototype an evolution figure


We are very proud of how this one turned out, from the tattoo on his arm to the outfit design and face sculpt.

His prototype should debut near the end of the month, with potentially some resin prototypes available in November while we work design wise to see if he has the potential for production.

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2 Responses to Polynesian Powerhouse…

  1. eric says:

    love it !!!, especially if it’s an evolution figure

  2. Jevon says:

    So awesome cero is going to be an evolution figure!!! Also glad the tattoo turned out!!!

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