Designercon sale begins today at 12p CST!

We have specifically kept aside part of our stock for those who missed out, today around Noon CST that stock will go online!

We will start the sale from the convention from floor so it might start a few minutes early or a few minutes late, depending on how the internet signal is.


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  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Got what I wanted with no problem.

    Just sat by the computer and hit the refresh button a few times.

  2. James W. says:

    Will the belts be restocked?

    Any plans to eventually release the newer figures( CERO, REFEREE BARKER, TALOS, & other giants ) in PVC?

    Will any other figures get the GLYOS COMPATIBLE treatment, like GOLIATH?

    • Mark says:

      The Belts will be restocked, we are working with the studio in Kansas City to produce more every day. Once we have a decent amount to offer (so it does not sell out in minutes) we will announce a date to put them on sale.

      Talos and Cero were designed to be Glyos compatible, we intend all of our figures to head to production PVC but it all comes down to the costs of production and what we think would be best for fans in terms of value 🙂 We have been constantly working on our next PVC release and hope to have something to announce during our 5th Anniversary next year.

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