C2E2 Rocked!

We finished out C2E2 and almost completely sold out of what we took, we ended up with 1 Metallic and 1 Gold set remaining. So all in all it was a great launch and a very positive response.

We did a video interview and some members of the Press came around at various points to take highly detailed pics of the figures, for what reason we don’t know but it never hurts.

Information regarding the sale of debut sets at the store will come in a week or so after we fully return from the Convention and can set the store up and fit it in during a time we are not swamped with other inventory (like Integrity Toys merchandise). If we had to guess it would be about the 2nd week in May when the sets will go on sale.

Soon you will start seeing information about our July Wargames release with Leo Corazon, we have unseen art that is going to be shown as well as details of his packaging and accessories.

The 1st animation has been completed, I am mixing in the audio and doing the last minute editing but it should be up for viewing by the end of the week.


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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Congratulations on a successful launch!

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