Sets go on sale later today

Release date

Just a reminder that the sets go on sale today around Noon CST (10a PST, 1p EST)




These sets will ship to customers in Mid/Late June. In the rush to have stock ready for C2E2 these figures have not been cleaned or QC checked, that is the reason for the delay in shipment time. If you want to know why that has to happen just check out our studio pictures to see how the figures come out of the mold and it should give you a pretty strong visual understanding of the time needed.

In addition we will also be selling the MK1 version of Ulric Wolfrom, this will be the only time this figure will be made available and he will never be made again in this pose because the mold is no longer around.



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  1. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Well that was a lot easier than Mattel’s website. I’ve never ordered anything on my phone before, but I was able to get my order in before anything sold out. I can’t wait until June; Man Of Steel and my Mystical Warriors order.

    • Mark says:

      I am glad you were able to get in, and I can guess which order was yours so expect something special in your shipment to thank you for your support 🙂

      Even though you had no issues we are working on a mobile version of the store as we have found it works great on computers and tablets but sometimes it causes difficulties on the phone.

  2. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Thanks Mark and congrats on the sell out! You must be proud to have such success with your first toyline. Although, with the mixture of anthropomorphic animals, old school wrestling, a diverse cast of characters, and a dash of M.U.S.C.L.E., I don’t know how you could fail.

  3. Michael Hilliard says:

    to bad that ulric won’t be around anymore.

    that is a nifty little pose.

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