Windy City Wreckage, sold out!

The Test Shot Ulric Wolfrom figures, Aztec Gold and Metallic sold out in the first 45min. As of 4pm we are now sold out of Thermal Color Change set meaning we now have a 100% sell out of our debut set!


We are not sure how many of those who visit this site bought today but if you did we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Some of you are vocal, some are not but when you buy into the sets it sends me a message I am doing something right 🙂

In the coming weeks you will begin to see updates surrounding our next release in July entitled “Wargames” featuring the Leo Corazon figure

To celebrate today’s success here is a sneak at some killer art for the release provided by amazing artist Nathan Newell of Dork Dimension


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  1. Mr. Shokoti says:

    I know how people often talk about all of the great comics there are if you just look past the “Big 2″(DC & Marvel). I think the same could be said for the toy industry and their “Big 2″(Mattel & Hasbro). Between Mystical Warriors Of The Ring, Realm Of The Underworld, and Warlords Of Wor, I might never have to leave my couch to purchase great toys.

  2. Mark says:

    Well I think technology has finally caught up to where you don’t need to be a multibillion dollar toy company to get product out. With the invention of the Internet we are now able to market directly to the consumer and grow that way.

    I mean look at all the great stuff you have from Zoloworld, Onell Design, October Toys, Spy Monkey, the Four Horsemen, and many other individuals who make great toys without the need to rely on mass market sales.

    It is sad in a way that so many toylines die each year just because they could not survive being lost in the sea of Walmarts and Targets. By marketing directly to the consumer I can control the amount of inventory I make and grow as my audience grows. This is how I have always wanted it because much like my store I cherish the face to face one on one experience.

  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Congratulations with the successfull sales!

    I’m afraid I missed out on the set.

    To add to the topic of great toy lines: I’ve purchased twice from Onell Design this year and I’m very glad that I did.

    It’s remarkable how great the quality of the Onell toys are at an affordable price for such a small company. Compare that to the quality/price of certain toys from a big company like Mattel, it boggles my mind.

  4. Michael Hilliard says:

    i missed out. maybe next time.

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