What is the Legends Line?

We have mentioned a Legends line a few times in recent months, and some fans have asked what is that?

Each year we plan a theme, that theme tells you who will be focused on, what stories to expect, and what figures to look forward to.

2013 was Singles

2014 is Tag Teams and the remaining Giants

2105 is Legends

Its fairly straightforward, our story started in the current era of the AWF.  However everything started somewhere and that is where the Legends line fits in. During that year you will find out the origins of the federation, meet those involved as well as see past Champions.

Some wrestlers have already been talked about, the Deadly Dawgs for example, are in the Legends line. A younger Guy “Big Daddy” Smith is another example. Heck you see Alberto Corazon on the wrestling mat. So we are planting the seeds for the Legends line to come alive in 2015!

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  1. jevon says:

    Cannot wait for a legends line!!!! How cool. But then again I can never wait for the next figure to drop !!! So many great aspects from this line so far. the characters and deep story line the thermal color change never gets old the detailed figures are amazing and the collector friendly packaging what a bonus. If anyone is reading this who has not yet gotten a figure or just finding out about this line get on board you will be impressed with these figures. The quality and cool factor is there.

    • Mark says:

      I am glad you are having a good time 🙂

      We are hoping with our Convention Tour we will reach people who might not know about us yet, and we have some things in the works to try to reach more and more people.

      Word of mouth is still the best way for people to learn about new things. Even if people can’t afford the figures or don’t want to buy into the line at this time we would love for them to stop by and check out the story. The mini-figures are a big part of this but we also hope to create a world that lives alongside the figures.

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