This page will chronicle the story events in short form for easy reference

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October 31st 2011 – Winged Fury defeats Deadly Dawgs at Deadly Sins in a loser leave town match to win the AWF Tag Team Titles.

February 18th 2012 – Sheldon Sabre defeats Leo Corazon in the finals of the AWF Heavyweight Championship tournament to become the 1st AWF Heavy Champion.

April 14th 2012 – Lapin Loco defeats Winged Fury at Windy City Wreckage to become AWF Tag Team Champions.

December 25th 2012 – Ulric Wolfrom defeats Sheldon Sabre in a Steel Cage Match at Mountain City Massacre to become the 2nd World Heavyweight Champion

April 27th 2013 – Ulric Wolfrom defeats Goliath by Disqualification to retain the AWF World Heavyweight title, but is injured badly.

May 28th 2013 – Goliath is given a 6 month suspension for his role in the events at Windy City Wreckage and Sheldon Sabre is heavily fined and warned.

June 1st 2013 – Ulric Wolfrom is medically cleared but advised not to wrestle, doctors tried but were unable to save his finger.

July 4th 2013 – Ulric Wolfrom retains the AWF World Heavyweight Title via Disqualification, Ulric’s injuries worsen.

July 15th 2013 – Ulric Wolfrom is forced by General Manager Francis Foul to surrender the AWF World Heavyweight Title

September 14th 2013 – Sheldon Sabre defeats Widowmaker to become a 2 time AWF World Heavyweight Champion.

January 30th 2014 РWidowmaker defeats Sheldon Sabre for the AWF Heavyweight Championship РHellish Holidays

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