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It has been a whirlwind around here since we returned from C2E2. We have bios almost done as well as a few new characters waiting for their debut.

We are currently working triple time to get our Series 2 into production so we can have new figures before Christmas, and without knowing which figures will for sure be in it that effects our overall story. As many of you who have been here from the beginning know we have an overall narrative to our world and figure releases tie into that. So much like the real world of wrestling booking, its fluid and ever-changing. Lee has an overall comic story arch he is working on that is unaffected by this.

We gave a look last week of Ulric 3.0 as he got ready for production, we have some more shots of other characters and if we get the greenlight we will post them but ultimately we don’t want to ruin the surprise of who is up to make the cut into PVC for this next round!

Now onto some general housekeeping affairs. The mailaway figures have been delayed because there was some issues with the card art print getting trimmed that I need to correct so that the artists are given the full credit they deserve. Once that is done the mail away figures will start being mailed. I did not realize it has been nearly 2 full months since we intended to mail them away, because of that I am going to remove the redemption date so pretty much if anyone wants to redeem their tickets for a figure the rest of the year they can. The new ETA for shipping out these mail aways will be around the last week in June.

If you want a Tembo Jiwe figure we are hoping to finish urethane production on those and make them available around Mid July

We also have been in negotiations with many store fronts across America and as soon as things are finalized I will start posting the newest places you can find our product. If all goes well and we continue to make the strides we have so far we will expanding to international markets later this year.

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  1. jevon says:

    Mark thanks for the update!!! Cant wait to see who made the cut for the next series!!! Thanks to everyone who makes mwotr possible!!! One day mwotr will be huge and ill be buying them at wal mart and toys r us and get to tell mark how he sold out to the man lol lol


    wow! more brick and motar stores. nice. good for you.

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