At long last the Steel Cage Playset is now available for purchase! Each Cage set comes with 3 Main Walls, 1 Door Wall, 30 connectors and 2 Cage Doors. Extra walls can be purchased to create a larger cage (think War Games). Also available is a restock of playmats and a Green Gold Color Flash Tembo Jiwe figure! Get them now at Fantastic Plastic Toys

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As many of you remember , the MWOTR Steel Cage has been in prototype form for many years. Production costs would have been way too high and the materials were not conducive for repetitive play. Enter 2020, a new year with new advancements in technology and decrease in costs. After purchasing a newer and small FDM printer , along with hours spent working with the digital files to get it to print the way I want. The cage is almost ready for mass release!

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Almost there!

Assembly line!
Color Flash (Blue and Purple)

Putting the finishing touches on reopening the store so people can purchase our latest releases. If you do not want to wait you can always email

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Fortune Seekers available soon!!

Thanks to the acquisition of our resin printer, we are almost ready to release the Fortune Seekers!! As well as a re-release/general release of Lapin Loco! They will be $15 per set at Designercon and then available via email if we do not have our store back up yet ๐Ÿ™‚

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New Store and New Items coming!

The store is temporarily offline as we redo it for the first time in years. We are working on a few new products to debut in the Fall along with a new look!

In the interim if you would like to purchase any of our figures you can email and we can take care of you ๐Ÿ™‚

We also have some new Goliath releases via our business partner Cappy over at this store

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2019 : The Return….

As many who follow us know, we have been quiet for quite some time. We are still here, we just have a lot going on personally and professionally.

MWOTR made an appearance at Designercon in 2018, returning after a year or so away from the Convention circuit. And we had plans to make some product available at Christmastime. Best laid plans and all, we had some technology and hardware failures during our return from California ,that put some projects on hold.

This past week, we finally repaired our 3D printer and have now returned to working out the kinks in the steel cage playset, and our customized wrestling rings!!

Prototype print on demand Steel Cage Playset
Prototype Super Deformed (SD) MWOTR
Custom Colored Rings

Prototype Colored Ring complete, now to add ring steps and some other additions for a Version 2.0 (Fall 2018)

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Tatsuya Artwork by Jason Ho!

First off, thanks to everyone who showed up online to support the release of Tatsuya! It has been a long time since we released a figure and it is nice to see that people did not forget ๐Ÿ™‚

As we move through 2018, it is my hope you will see some more members of the OPW culminating in the release of the 5th comic book by our 6th anniversary in November!

Along the way we have some cool collaborations to show off, first up in the new Tatsuya Artwork by Jason Ho! I am going to get this put on t-shirts that I can wear throughout the 2018 Convention Season!

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Tatsuya Ogawa goes on sale this Saturday @ 1pm CST

The wait forย Tatsuya โ€œ็ ดๅฃŠ่€… (Destroyer)โ€ Ogawa is finally over, this Saturday (2.24.18) at 1pm CST

There will be several options, Metallic and Thermal Color Change releases will be $20 each. There will be some basic grey painting editions for $15. There will be a limited number of each figure and it is first come first served.

It is so gratifying to finally get this figure out to the fans, it has been a labor or love and we wanted to perfect it and go back to our roots at the same time.

I cannot wait to get the rest of the stuff we have been working on out this year!!

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Tatsuya “Destroyer” Ogawa

After some much needed time off , we are back!

Last year was the 5th Anniversary of MWOTR , and as much as we had planned to celebrate it in royal fashion, life just took over (and in a good way).

We had toured for almost 4 years straight and covered in one form or another a majority of the United States. It was time for a break.

The short of it , we were afforded some opportunities in our personal lives to take a break, refocus and restructure from top to bottom, and set things in motion that will begin rolling out at various points this year.

We had planned to release this figure at Designercon in November, we wanted it to be perfect so we delayed it.

After months of cleaning and fine tuning , we proudly present the OPW World Heavyweight Champion Tatsuya “็ ดๅฃŠ่€… (Destroyer)” Ogawa

This figure will be released first a Kansas City Planet Comicon the weekend of 2/17, with an online release to follow shortly after.

We are also going back to our roots, if you remember when we first started figures were available in Thermal Color Change or Metallic. It has been a few years since that type of release existed, so we start 2018 the way we started 2013!

  • Thermal Color Change Blue to Clear
  • Metallic Blue
  • Aqua Glow in the Dark
  • Clear Blue

And for those that have missed them, the wrestling rings will resurface around the same time and later this year we will see the long awaited return of the championship belts which have long been sold out and a new japanese OPW themed playmat!

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Closing in on Designercon!

It has been a whirlwind few months in the world of the indie toy maker. We received our first prints of the OPW World Champion and sent them off to be worked into a master prototype.

A few weeks later I got into a car accident, I ended up fine but my car took a beating.

2 weeks later, our 2002 Chevy Malibu dropped dead leaking fluid everywhere and so we needed to get a new car! We ended up getting a 2017 Nissan Rouge.

But you don’t come here to read about me and my life ๐Ÿ˜‰

Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen is almost done cleaning up the prototype so we can cast some test editions and see how the fanbase responds.

I know it may seem quiet on the AWF front, but we have been working on a lot behind the scenes. We completely sold out of our newest Version 2.0 Rings and have been waiting on a restock from our distributor with all the new ropes that people really seemed to like.

So we turn our attention to Designercon to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

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