As many of you remember , the MWOTR Steel Cage has been in prototype form for many years. Production costs would have been way too high and the materials were not conducive for repetitive play. Enter 2020, a new year with new advancements in technology and decrease in costs. After purchasing a newer and small FDM printer , along with hours spent working with the digital files to get it to print the way I want. The cage is almost ready for mass release!

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    at this point can you guesstimate as to a price range or how much cheaper it would be?

  2. Mark says:

    The original prototype cage cost about $120 each to manufacturer , I am trying to get this one down to about $40-50 and make it worth the purchase (multiple doors, etc). It takes me about 6hrs to make each cage set from start to finish, not counting material cost.

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