Closing in on Designercon!

It has been a whirlwind few months in the world of the indie toy maker. We received our first prints of the OPW World Champion and sent them off to be worked into a master prototype.

A few weeks later I got into a car accident, I ended up fine but my car took a beating.

2 weeks later, our 2002 Chevy Malibu dropped dead leaking fluid everywhere and so we needed to get a new car! We ended up getting a 2017 Nissan Rouge.

But you don’t come here to read about me and my life 😉

Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen is almost done cleaning up the prototype so we can cast some test editions and see how the fanbase responds.

I know it may seem quiet on the AWF front, but we have been working on a lot behind the scenes. We completely sold out of our newest Version 2.0 Rings and have been waiting on a restock from our distributor with all the new ropes that people really seemed to like.

So we turn our attention to Designercon to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

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The AWF will fall….

I know things have been silent around here for a while, we are taking a new approach this year and working on a lot of concepts that we did not have time for in the last 3 years of constant touring. This does not mean we have stepped away from MWOTR, it actually means the opposite.

For the first time in years we have decided to take the Spring Convention season off,  we will have product at C2E2 this weekend and next weekend at Planet Comicon but we will not be present.

As many people saw in Volume 4 , we had a panel that debuted the OPW which is the Japanese wrestling organization in our MWOTR world.  They will play a very big part of Issue 5 and Issue 6, and will be complimented by a full range of figures and titles.  On Instagram we have been teasing the storyline that the AWF will fall, this will make more sense as the next 2 comic issues are completed and the story is unveiled.

For several months we have been working out the design issues, and the OPW Heavyweight Champion is almost ready to make his debut

We have also been having some fun with a few limited edition customs with amazing paint jobs courtesy of the super talented Mike Moszczynski , they are available in the online shop. The pictures do not do the figures justice!

We are currently sold out of Wrestling Ring 2.0, the response has been amazing to the new ropes and added accessories!

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5 years of MWOTR!

It has been awhile since we did a blog update, we try to do them every 2-3 days but as the winter rolls on in the Midwest there is not a whole lot we get to do between November and usually Mid March due to the temperature not being very conducive for resin casting. The factories in China are closed Mid January-Mid February , and without factory production or resin casting we don’t have much to talk about LOL.

But as anyone who has followed us these past 5 years knows, around Mid March-Early April we start to work again and show new ideas/productions off…..that time is coming up soon 🙂

We made our 1st blog post on November 12, 2012,  with sculpting work having begun earlier that year. So this year is our 5th Anniversary! We have some cool releases coming later this year to celebrate that, as well as the long overdue release of Issue 5 and our expansion of characters of the OPW.

A few things will change this year, we will be working less conventions. After 5 years of traveling to 5-7 Conventions we are tired and are taking a break. We would rather invest that travel money this year back into the line for you to have new toys and new prototypes! We may still pop up at a few Conventions but right now we want to focus on expanding our brand for 2017.

So sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride as we head towards an official 5th Anniversary in November 🙂



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THANK YOU!! All Orders have now shipped!

We have returned from Designercon and the Thanksgiving Holiday and have shipped all orders that came in from 11/16 to this morning. If you did not receive a tracking number please email and we will look into it for you.

We want to thank you once again for your support, the overwhelming response to the new tag team titles and the weapons packs has been amazing. We have another accessory pack planned for Spring 2017 and some really big plans for our 5th anniversary in 2017!

I also wanted to extend a personal thank you to all those who continue to support our resin prototypes, I know the MWOTR fan base is dying for some new PVC and cheaper alternatives to our characters and believe me we hear you!

The MWOTR team uses the prototypes to test out production issues, sales potential, and to give each character in our world a test run with the fans. There is a lot involved in the creation of a mass production figure, and we are constantly working on plans that give fans the best value and selection for their money 🙂


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Designercon sale begins today at 12p CST!

We have specifically kept aside part of our stock for those who missed out, today around Noon CST that stock will go online!

We will start the sale from the convention from floor so it might start a few minutes early or a few minutes late, depending on how the internet signal is.


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Designercon 2016 this weekend, online sale to follow!

This weekend MWOTR invades Pasadena and Designercon 2016! We have been working most of the year towards this show and we hope you all enjoy what we have to show off.

First up is our Tag Team Championshp Belts, after the super fast sell out of our AWF Heavyweight Championship Belt at last years Designercon we decided to take what we learned and create a set of Tag Team Belts.

We have also redesigned our Ring and so we are going to start offering V2.0 of the AWF which includes

  • New Ring Posts
  • New Ring Ropes (White Glitter, Blue Glitter and Red are the options)
  • 2 Barricades
  • Ring Steps


And to compliment the new rings, we have a Extreme Rules accessory pack full of items that are in scale to the 2″ minifigures. With these $5 packs you will receive

  • Breakable Table
  • Briefcase (Money in the Bank matches anyone?)
  • Ladder
  • Barbed Wire Bat
  • Sledgehammer
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Trash Can
  • Microphone



And last but not least, we have the official release of Cero in Urethane/Resin. In a wide variety of awesome metallic colors and GiTD. If you missed him in our Pre-DCON blind bag sale here is your chance to get him. Many thanks to Josh and Marty for working overtime to get these ready!!


I believe we will be in Booth 1001, but just look for the block that has Onell Design, THEGODBEAST, Bio-Monsters, Galaxxor, Battle Tribes, RealxHead, and Uamou.

The stock of rings and accessories has been split between online and home, Cero and the Belts are first come first served but we are making more belts as we speak so hopefully they will meet demand this time!

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Pre-Designercon Sale later today @ Noon CST

We will be offering a limited number of blind bagging Cero’s later today! As well as a few other Designercon items for early sale, 12p CST (Noon CST)


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Cero is coming soon!

DesignerCon is just around the corner this November, and those in attendance will get their first crack at our newest Giant 🙂




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Polynesian Powerhouse…

About two months ago on Instagram we teased that we were going to pick our newest character for development into a figure


At the time the choices were

  • Bloodlust
  • Cero
  • Nightfall (who if made would be able to pair with the Leo figure for the Tag Team Roaring Thunder)
  • Winged Fury

our last three figure releases have been more minifigure oriented (Molie, Talos and Referee Barker) so we figured it was time to explore and prototype an evolution figure


We are very proud of how this one turned out, from the tattoo on his arm to the outfit design and face sculpt.

His prototype should debut near the end of the month, with potentially some resin prototypes available in November while we work design wise to see if he has the potential for production.

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Thank you!!

We have taken all orders that did not contain a resin piece to the USPS this morning, all Talos/Referee Barker orders will ship later today because we want to make sure they arrive undamaged and package them securely.

Right now Referee Barker is sold out, Talos has only 1 Clear Red and 1 Clear Blue remaining.

We are actively working on our toys for Designercon which may or may not include a certain Polynesian powerhouse that fans have been clamoring for!

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