Pre-Designercon Sale later today @ Noon CST

We will be offering a limited number of blind bagging Cero’s later today! As well as a few other Designercon items for early sale, 12p CST (Noon CST)


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Cero is coming soon!

DesignerCon is just around the corner this November, and those in attendance will get their first crack at our newest Giant 🙂




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Polynesian Powerhouse…

About two months ago on Instagram we teased that we were going to pick our newest character for development into a figure


At the time the choices were

  • Bloodlust
  • Cero
  • Nightfall (who if made would be able to pair with the Leo figure for the Tag Team Roaring Thunder)
  • Winged Fury

our last three figure releases have been more minifigure oriented (Molie, Talos and Referee Barker) so we figured it was time to explore and prototype an evolution figure


We are very proud of how this one turned out, from the tattoo on his arm to the outfit design and face sculpt.

His prototype should debut near the end of the month, with potentially some resin prototypes available in November while we work design wise to see if he has the potential for production.

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Thank you!!

We have taken all orders that did not contain a resin piece to the USPS this morning, all Talos/Referee Barker orders will ship later today because we want to make sure they arrive undamaged and package them securely.

Right now Referee Barker is sold out, Talos has only 1 Clear Red and 1 Clear Blue remaining.

We are actively working on our toys for Designercon which may or may not include a certain Polynesian powerhouse that fans have been clamoring for!

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KCCC items on sale now!

We just made available what was remaining from our weekend in Kansas City. All items are first come first served and we apologize if some sell out very quickly.

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New Goliaths available this weekend in KC!

After a quiet spring and summer that did not see much in the way of releases, we are slowly revealing why we have been so quiet.

We have not one, but two new Goliaths ready for this weekend in Kansas City!!

We introduce our $7 Albino Goliath , the first official PVC figure with factory paint (on the eyes) and for the purists out there, we also have a standard $6 Metallic Lime Green Goliath



13935045_1185392261524799_164541157897897072_n (1)

These will be available at Kansas City Comic Con this weekend at Booth 1343/1345

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Preparing for KCCC, new toys incoming!

We have been quiet for a bit, with good reason!! As we have been preparing for Kansas City’s 2nd Comic Convention this year,  which happens next weekend!!

We have some new offerings to show off starting today

13937924_1181633885233970_8950982020855575589_o 13925935_1182572631806762_154168724919606646_o

AWF Tag Team Titles are slowing being readied in rubber, we are tweaking the design to fit larger figures. ETA is Fall 2016, possibly with a big roll out at DesignerCon in November.

Referee Barker figures in Glow in the Dark Resin are in the cleaning stage, should be able available first at KCCC next weekend!

Brand new UV Resistant Ring stickers and new trading cards have arrived, these new mats represent events that have happened in our MWOTR world.

California Calamity is the PPV where Sheldon Sabre cheated his way to his 2nd AWF Championship.

Wildfire is the name of our AWF TV Show (think our Monday Night RAW) as seen in the 4th comic featuring Lapin Loco vs Winged Fury.

Oceanic Pro Wrestling is the name of the Japanese counterpart to the AWF, not much is known about them right now but you will learn about them in the coming months 🙂

These will be included with new ring purchases starting after KCCC, but for those who do not feel like buying another ring set we will offer new rope sets (not glow in the dark, but other colorways) that come with the new stickers and new cards for around $3 (think an upgrade kit)

Stay tuned as we will be debuting two new Goliath figures, one of which is a “first’ for us as a company.

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Tag Titles and new Goliaths coming!

We have two new Goliath figures coming in August , just in time for Kansas City Comic Con

We also received our Tag Team Title Belt prints, they have been sent to the True Cast Studio to be refined and produced in rubber for fans!

13615463_1162095447187814_9115058025822274798_n 13568839_1162062783857747_2899787298967440352_o

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Referee Barker makes his debut

Utilizing a newer printing material the prototype for Referee Barker is moving right along, here we see him giving Widowmaker a talking to before the match


Revealed for the first time today, you can see his sculpt utilizes hands that can be used to count on the mat for a pinfall, count someone out of the ring, or direct instructions to other wrestlers.

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Referee Barker arrives in the ring!

We have made quite a few wrestlers in four years, and last fall we started on the other characters in our world. We brought out Molie the announcer, and now after four years we finally have our first referee. Created by Lee Burbridge, Referee Barker has entered the prototyping process!


We are working with Simon to get some more characters prototyped this year, our hope is to release something new in PVC before Christmas. But the production process is a long one, with many unseen issues that arise, so we have to be patient 🙂

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