MWOTR Anthology 2nd printing Cover

Lee has finished the new cover for our 2nd printing of the MWOTR 65 page Year One anthology (Volumes 1-3) in between his work on Volume 4.


This 2nd printing will be available in early July for $5.00

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Ulric Wolfrom 3.0 behind the scenes


We all know what Ulric looks like digitally, sometimes the print does not come out as clear and defined as we would like or details get lost just due to the process of printing. That is where people like Marty “THEGODBEAST” Hansen and Joshua Edwards (True Cast Studio) come in.

It’s a painstaking process and those of you who own MWOTR 5″ Generations Lions know very well how exquisite the end result is.

So I figured it would be neat to show off what that process looks like

Here is the original print

Size comparison with PVC Sheldon

Size comparison with PVC Sheldon

Here was a casting of that print at C2E2, you can see it has quite a bit of detail


Here is what it looks like after the first pass of Josh cleaning it up and refining the details of Simon’s sculpt by hand

photo 4 photo 5

Josh will probably do several more passes and castings to obtain the master figure we send to China to be put into the mold, in the end when we release the second series I think a lot of people will appreciate the work Josh did to bring out Simon’s amazing fine details!

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AWF Playmats back in stock and a new review!

Our 2nd production run of 10″ x 15″ AWF Playmats is now on sale at the TrueCast Studio Store

We ordered quite a bit this time so anyone who wants one should be able to get one

If you are new to this site and have not seen the Playmat here is a Pixel Dan review to get you caught up

Rebelxstudios also gives us a neat review of our toys

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A fan looks at MWOTR

We always love seeing fans thoughts on our toys and a new fan that we found on twitter made a video that we thought was fun

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Final PVC Series 2 Figure complete

Simon has finished the sculpting of our last figure for PVC Series 2, its on its way to be 3D printed and we will have it by 6/5

We are not going to reveal who it is since we don’t want to ruin the surprise but if everything works out you will see him or her in September/October!

I have also had some backup characters made just on the off chance there is a mold or production issue, our plan on who we want is set but in production nothing is ever guaranteed until the steel is cut and problems/design issues can always creep up.

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MWOTR Tag Team Overview 1985-Present

A lot of times people read the bios but don’t remember who the teams are, and without a comic its hard to remember them as easily as we do the singles. We have Lee working on some of that now as we have a 3 comic arc that will flesh out a lot of the story with some of these teams.

So I made this little info sheet that shows all the teams revealed to this point and their names. Now of course there is a huge gap of time missing between Roaring Thunder and Vision, whose time encompassed the Mid 1980’s , and Lapin Loco and the Fortune Seekers who control the landscape now. That is to be expected as our chronology lasts well over 30-40 years and we only have so many resources.tagteammaster

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Meet Roaring Thunder

You have seen Vision, and you know Ransom. Well now get your first glimpse of Nightfall the Panther


And against their rivals Vision


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Final hours of the Hardcore Luchador Kickstarter

You may remember me talking about my friend Chris Smith’s Kickstarter for his Luchador comic book


Since that time it has been fully funded and they are making one final push (the more money the more issues can get made) in the next 14 hours before it ends.

Now before anyone thinks “I come here for MWOTR updates, not to be sold on something else”,  Chris and I have been talking over recent weeks and there is a very real possibility that if our schedules free up and there are the resources we may work together in the future. I for one would love to see the two worlds meet up in some fashion.

When we did Lee’s Johnny “Treegarr” Stumpz last year,  we opened up the door for cross brand promotion and cross brand matches. We still may do this again this year with another character but with our focus on PVC Series 2 and 3 there is only so much time and so many resources.

Any die hard fan of wrestling knows how important the cross brand events were to promotions back in “the day”, one need only look at things like AWA/WCCW SuperClash III where Kerry Von Erich lost in a controversial match to Jerry the King Lawler, or the always awesome NWA/WCW vs New Japan Super Shows to know the potential for some incredible stuff.  So if things work out we would love to partner with Chris and Angelo to expose both our brands to new fans in some way.

So we wish them the best of luck in their final hours!

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MWOTR Comic Update and Reprinting

We sold out of the MWOTR Anthology Comic Book at C2E2, so we are having it reprinted.

This 2nd printing will have a new cover and “Convention” Exclusive will be removed from the front.

And Lee has begun warming up to start work on the 4th Volume, I should be sending him the overall script/details later this week and Volumes 4,5, and 6 will deal with our Tag Teams and possibly a Legends of the AWF Heavyweight Division issue.


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Behind the Scenes: the Steel Mold for Series 1

Big thanks to Matt Doughty and Paul Wai for taking this amazing picture of MWTOR’s Series 1 Steel Mold


You can begin to see that production of these figures is a bit more complicated then just making a figure and putting it in molding. There is a breakdown of parts that has to occur and those parts and sizes can fill up a mold very fast.

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