Hints about Series 2

While I finish up the long overdue Bio for Talos (I had it done months ago but photoshop crashed before I could save and I did not have the heart to retell his story again lol) I figured it would be fun to drop some hints about Series 2 We are aiming to have it released around NYCC time again this year, with production overseas though there is always the chance for delay due to the need for us...

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Production Playmats are sold out!

Over the weekend we are happy to report the first run of production playmats have completely sold out. I have called to place a second production run of these and we should have those available again in a few weeks. I have also sent Lee a few ideas for new environments that we hope to roll out as we get closer to the release of Series 2 of the PVC figures. On a side note I am finally...

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Little Weirdos C2E2 Coverage

Pixel Dan was not the only press we met with at C2E2, I spent quite a bit of time with my friend Frank who runs Little Weirdos, he took home quite a bit of MWOTR goodness from C2E2 and talks about it at the link: http://www.littleweirdos.net/2014/05/mystical-warriors-of-ring-playmat-tembo.html We also must apologize to the MWOTR nation, we have a ton of updates on non convention related...

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C2E2 Interview with Pixel Dan

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Pics from the C2E2

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