Hints about Series 2

While I finish up the long overdue Bio for Talos (I had it done months ago but photoshop crashed before I could save and I did not have the heart to retell his story again lol) I figured it would be fun to drop some hints about Series 2

We are aiming to have it released around NYCC time again this year, with production overseas though there is always the chance for delay due to the need for us to resculpt something or tweak something, and then of course get test shots and make sure everything is in top form for release!

Simon is finishing up the final sculpt as we speak. Once that is done it will go to Adam and Josh to clean up for production and then its off to China for molding!

With that said you have already seen Ulric 3.0, we won’t show you the remaining characters for awhile but I can start to lead you towards their identities

  • One figure is a Legends figure
  • One figure is being designed in a way as to utilize colored releases unlike any of our other characters have before

So there you go, that will narrow down who is coming to a handful of characters. As time nears for a reveal I will drop another set of hints 😉

Legends so far revealed in art and bios are:

Deadly Dawg Brooklyn (Bulldog)
Deadly Dawg Noah (Greyhound)
Guy “Big Daddy” Smith
Vision : Knowledge the Owl
Vision : Samuel “Stretch” Jackson the Giraffe
Takeshi Sumo

Also I shipped the first January prototype figures today, so by the end of the week those will finally be all shipped and I can start getting the mailaway figures to those who have redeemed.

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    NYCC oct 9-12. yep. I’m not going to make it. the suspense will end me.


    even more interesting. I’ve got to make a guess. that figure is a skunk.

  2. Feroz Nazir says:

    I’m taking a wild guess at the other two PVC figures:
    Guy Smith and Hemorrhage!

    Looking forward to that mailaway figure!

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