Carded figures are coming

The intention is that each figure will be carded. We are finishing up the card art as we speak and are awaiting proofs from the printer. Each card will be hand numbered on the front with the characters bio card on the backside (just like in the 80’s). We realize that many 2″ figures are either bagged or carded on small cards. But we are treating our toy line similar to it being a 3 3/4-4″ toyline.

I think once everything is packaged and ready to go, people will like the direction we have chosen.

However, this is all still in the planning stages. We have a variety of packaging options open to us so we will just have to see what works best.

We also may also have some cool news very soon on a few of our figures being rendered in 3D for future products (video games, animations) and production.



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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    I assumed these figures were going to get a “typical” 2″ figure treatment: bagged, sculpted in a base color and left unpainted.

    Since this will be treated as a 3 3/4-4″ toyline, dare I hope the figures will be painted in the same colors as the cool promo art we’ve been seeing?

    Also, any chance of making the cards “collectors friendly”? Meaning we can get the figures in and out without damaging the card.

  2. Mark says:

    I am still working on the card art and card itself, I would like to make it collector friendly since it will feature nice artwork as well as be hand numbered.

    As far as painting goes, it all depends on costs and time.

    These are being released specifically to coincide with Conventions around the country (in our Universe the time of the Convention is akin to a Pay Per View for our wrestlers). Hand painting 2″ figures can be a very time consuming process since I would be the one doing it most likely.

    The funding/expense of this toyline is also coming solely from me, and out of that I have to pay a variety of artists so individual painted figures might be too costly.

    It is my hope to have a few fully painted editions of each figure for sale at a higher price but the vast majority, at least in this first year will be unpainted in different and unique colorways to keep things cost effective.

    My ultimate goal is to have these produced overseas, which would allow for fully painted editions in every release.

    • Feroz Nazir says:

      If it is still in the early stages you could also consider selling them bagged with the art work/bios on a trading card.

      If you’re going to do the painting all by yourself it’s probably better to leave them blank for now.

      Quality and having enough figures to meet demand should be the main concern.

      • Mark says:

        I have 3-4 different methods I am looking at, in addition to carding them I am also looking into creating a small box that would house 3-4 figures inside and allow me to include the bios as trading cards and artwork on the back.

        I am sure it will all come together with good presentation in the end, I have a lot of talented people working on this 🙂

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