2nd Issue of MWOTR Comic is done!

Earlier today Lee and I sent Issue 2 off the printers to be ready for PowerCon, we think fans will enjoy this one as its almost 20 pages total and 7 of those pages are for the match between Sheldon and Widowmaker (compared to 3 we delivered in the Windy City Wreckage comic).


We should have one more comic this year and that will give us nearly 60 pages, at which point we can move forward with some bonus material to release a small Year 1 book and work to push it out online via Comixology “indie” division

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  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    That Year 1 Book sounds good to me!

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah when we get to that point I think even people who already own the issues will enjoy it, since it will contain an expanded set of pages for the Goliath vs Ulric Windy City Wreckage Match (wrestling and story pages), the Treegarr vs Widowmaker Match, and some other neat and/or expanded never before seen items

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