Our 2nd 3D Artist

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

We sure did, and we are overjoyed to announce that the great Simon Grell will be doing the digital sculpting of Ulric Wolfrom into a 2″ scaled figure

To say Simon is highly skilled in Digital Sculpting would be an understatement, you can check out his past work on his website



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2 Responses to Our 2nd 3D Artist

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    Amazing sculpts! I think the Ulric Wolfrom figure will turn out awesome!

    Since you only mentioned Ulric, does that mean you’ll have different sculptors working on different characters or is Ulric going to be the first of many sculpted by Simon?

    • Mark says:

      All I can say is just keep checking the updates 😉

      3D modeling and the physical result from that is trial and error especially in the 2″ scale. We will be mixing 3D sculpting with traditional methods of sculpting across the line.

      We also have a lot of artist friends so you never know who will lend a hand 🙂

      But I think by now you guys can see that I have some big plans for these characters!

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