T-Shirts now available via Zazzle

We have decided to make shirts available via Zazzle’s web interface, not knowing demand its just easier for fans to buy them at their leisure if they want them. You can find the T-Shirt store as an option when you hover your mouse over the Artwork tab or a selection of shirts on the side bar of the main page.

They are currently running a few promotions:

20% off all orders promotion with coupon code AXRFG951UWQ4
$10 off orders of $20 or more ZAZZLEMAIL34
make custom gifts at Zazzle

We modified the existing designs for cost, to make the shirts the way we were doing would have made each one $34-45 due to the color printing required for both sides. The shirts scale in price depending on what material you choose and light or dark (some designs are locked to white). I think the low end is $18.95 and the high end is $27.95 for XXL and up.

There are currently 5 designs

Ulric’s Nightmare (White only)
Widowmaker vs Leo (Dark Colors only)
Size Doesn’t Matter – Lapin Loco (Dark Colors only)
MWOTR Logo White only
MWOTR Logo Dark Colors

The designs are still updating our store so eventually all 5 will be seen in the store, but right now some of them might appear in the side panel but not the main store page.

This store does not feature the MWOTR Street Team shirts, as those will be free and given to team members once we launch that program. It will be a totally different design then the ones seen in the store

And remember to come back tomorrow to help us celebrate our 1 year Anniversary with a bang:

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  1. Thistlehair says:

    Sweet! I just bought me a shamrock green MWOTR logo shirt!

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