PVC Playability & getting them into kids hands

One of the best aspects of a PVC release is for the first time they are at a price point that kids can jump in AND they are made of a material that kids won’t break.

We have seen it at C2E2 and again at PowerCon, kids get really excited when they see our figures. With that said I have been spending a lot of time testing them out to see if they are as fun as they are cool to look at.

Keep in mind these test shots are of a harder plastic, so in theory the final PVC versions will be a bit more flexible which might open Widowmaker up to some more moves despite his static pose.

Sheldon Sabre is really the star of this release in terms of play, his pose allows him to pull off a number of moves on a majority of the other characters.  But you really can’t go wrong with the awesome sculpt of Widowmaker or the sheer size of Kayin Kungaa.

The PVC coverage is just getting started! We have quite a bit of neat updates from the factory to show off including a change to Sheldon Sabre that was recommended by Matt Doughty that is just so awesome we can’t wait to show it off.

We wanted to thank everyone who has been spreading the word, we had a huge blitz of coverage over the past 48hrs











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