Production pics, tweaking toys for the better

As we have said in our news release about the PVC there we going to be some distinct differences in the PVC editions vs the original urethane prototypes. Outside of small things like digital print lines cleaned up , there was also enhancing Kayin Kungaa’s scar and actually making Sheldon Sabre’s tail loose from his foot.

Both those last changes came at the hand of the awesome Matt Doughty (Creator of Glyos and owner of Onell Design), he is currently in China and saw 2 changes that he thought would really up the cool factor. We of course could not sign off fast enough on the update!

Here you can see that Kayin’s battle scar (which ties into Tembo Jiwe’s bio) has been deepened and brought out on the PVC. As you can see from the two pics, the scar exists on the resin prototype/digital sculpt but not to the degree it does on the PVC. This is a prime example of the difference between prototype and production.



Matt also saw that Sheldon’s tail could be take off his body and left to be played with (choking an opponent, etc). In the prototype Sheldon’s tail is attached to his foot for both stability and to keep QC levels good to avoid air bubble during casting. Again this is another example of how we are not just dumping our prototypes into production.

tailremove copy

And we just thought this pic was pretty cool, test shots fresh from the mold to see if the changes worked out.


We want to thank Matt Doughty again for all these cool behind the scenes looks and for his careful attention and care of our characters. They are in safe hands and we can’t wait to show off pictures of the 2 colorways we have chosen for NYCC!

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2 Responses to Production pics, tweaking toys for the better

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    So cool to have Mr. Doughty helping out.

    Does this mean we’ll see a Mystical Warriors/Glyos Universe cross over at some point?

    • Mark says:

      At this time I have not even thought about a crossover, nothing is ever out of the picture as you can see with the Treegarr surprise that crossed BigManToys with MWOTR.

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