Hellish Holidays

As you saw in Widowmakers Bio, Hellish Holidays is our next Pay Per View event on 1/30. This is where we will have our made to order remaining 3 Prototypes from 2013 available to buy.

The main event is the rematch between Sheldon Sabre and Widowmaker with special guest referee Kayin Kungaa

These prototypes will come with the standard fare you have become used to

  1. 1-2 Art Cards
  2. 30 Page Volume 3 Comic Book
  3. Commemorative Event Ticket
  4. Carded Figures

And here is the logo of the Pay Per View


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6 Responses to Hellish Holidays

  1. Feroz Nazir says:

    So it’s like the Deluxe Collectors Edition of the first PVC wave?


    • Mark says:

      Yup, had we not released our PVC set the release schedule would have originally been Widowmaker at PowerCon, Kayin Kungaa at NYCC, and Sheldon (Robed and Unrobed) at Christmas.

  2. jevon says:

    Bad ass!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mr. Shokoti says:

    Is it all PVC after this?

    If they are made to order, what is the window for sales? 24 hours?

    • Mark says:

      Nope, I said when we went to PVC in October that both the Urethane Collectors Line and the PVC line would co-exist. There are some figures like Goliath and Tembo Jiwe that are just too costly or not cost effective to make in PVC for us right now. So the only way to get them out is to do them in Urethane. There are others which we can do as variants (Ulric 1.0 vs Ulric 2.0 or Sheldon Robed vs Sheldon Unrobed) to test out theories or changes in sculpting without the cost of steel molding.

      But have no fear there will be more PVC characters in the cards for us! Who will they be? That part remains a surprise for you guys 😉

      The sales window for the Made to Order will be 3-5 days. That should give people enough time to decide if they want them and place their order. We can’t keep it open too much longer because Marty has to have a final count to get them done and with all the other projects we have set to come out for C2E2 (Generations Big Leo, Tembo Jiwe, and stuff you have not seen) we have a small window in which to produce these guys.

      • Mr. Shokoti says:

        Thanks! The good thing about making these made to order is that it’s perfect for anyone who wants Yvonne who hasn’t bought any of the previous characters.

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