A closer look at the 5″ Leo

While we sold out of our surprise release at Kansas City, I did manage to hold onto the mold master of Leo despite people wanting to buy it.

This Leo figure is insane in person, so smooth and detailed thanks to weeks of hard work by Marty “THEGODBEAST” and Josh of True Cast.

Adam Smith graciously gave me a 4″ Rotten Rudy figure at the Con this weekend so I decided to have a little play session

IMG_3939 IMG_3941 IMG_3938IMG_3848

You can get your own Rotten Rudy at the True Cast Store now

We will reveal everything we have in store of this large Leo figure as we get closer to C2E2 but to say we are excited would be an understatement. While our line is 2″ scale and our hearts are firmly in the minifigure world there is just something so cool about having this big scale figure.

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  1. Thistlehair says:

    That 5″ Leo looks awesome!!

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