Generations Update Ransom Bio & Sneak Peak

Earlier this week we gave you Ashur’s bio, and now we give you his little brother Ransom. You will notice some names you have never heard before, the AWF history is long and storied and all will be revealed in time 😉


In addition all the Lions have been completed, next week we will reveal the 6 lions of “Generations” in their $100 full color artist editions which will be available at C2E2 in a few weeks.

photo 2(1)

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3 Responses to Generations Update Ransom Bio & Sneak Peak

  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Nice and interesting bio.

    I did notice a typo. Ransom’s name is misspelled.

  2. Mark says:

    Good catch, I read that over and over and could not see a typo and then there it was lol

  3. Feroz Nazir says:

    Agreed, nice bio and I hope to see the other wrestlers mentioned in the story at some point.

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