Final PVC Series 2 Figure complete

Simon has finished the sculpting of our last figure for PVC Series 2, its on its way to be 3D printed and we will have it by 6/5

We are not going to reveal who it is since we don’t want to ruin the surprise but if everything works out you will see him or her in September/October!

I have also had some backup characters made just on the off chance there is a mold or production issue, our plan on who we want is set but in production nothing is ever guaranteed until the steel is cut and problems/design issues can always creep up.

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    An example of this is Ulric Wolfman right?

    Will we see those back ups characters one day?

    • Mark says:

      Well Ulric is not a backup, he was fully intended to be in the 2nd series from the start. You will see the backups eventually, we intend to fully release all our characters in either urethane or pvc. Obviously don’t want to do then in the more expensive urethane if we can produce them in the cheaper and more playable PVC.


    I meant in the sense how things change. or need to change. I.e. you had to change his original pose.

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