Evolution of a toy belt

Around C2E2 we showed you the plate for the AWF Heavyweight Championship toy belt

Well fast forward a few months and the belt is almost ready, rather than sculpt a tiny belt from scratch we figured the best way was to do it in a larger scale and just use the hydroshrink process to get our mini belt. This would also let us make the same belt for “larger” figures that might happen to exist 😉

As you can see there exist multiple sized molds for the belts plate
IMG_4787 IMG_4788

The belt should be finished soon and then we will evaluate the best way to get it released, we have several options at our feet and as you can see there is always something going on we have not talked about yet

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5 Responses to Evolution of a toy belt

  1. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    Is that a 5 inch Widomaker?

    Is that “not talked about yet” more 5 inch figures?

    • Mark says:

      Now see if I definitely answer that it takes away the fun, if you look to the left you will see something as well though he is in “pieces” at the moment. What these are for we are not quite ready to talk about yet, lets just say there is quite a bit of stuff we have planned and are working on at any given time 🙂

  2. Michael J. Hilliard says:

    I had a feeling that’s how you (or anyone else) would, or could, responsd. But I had to ask. It was so steenking obvious to me. And more interesting than pieces.

    I saw the pieces figure. That’s the other half of Lapin Loco. Either he’s a build a figure or not completely tooled/finished. Or he’s just having a really bad day.

  3. jevon says:

    I think this qualifies as an OMG moment!!!

  4. Thistlehair says:

    Very cool and exciting. 🙂

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