Takeshi Sumo

Here is the first clear at most of him, this is the actual master figure. We are not ready to reveal where he falls in the lineup but he is production ready. We are purposefully leaving him cropped because part of the fun is how he fits in with the rest of the figures.

Think how Goliath fits in and this is along the same lines. Some people will probably complain because he dwarfs a character like Leo or Lapin Loco but that is intentional and if you have been reading the bios you will see how that played a role in Ashur losing the AWF Championship Trophy.

We  use scale in our toyline for numerous things, there are some character we intend to be monstrous but just like in real life there is a weakness for everyone and Takeshi is no different.

Takeshi’s overall design and pose is also intentional, it may look fairly static but once we release him there is a certain “drop” move he can do off the ropes, not to mention a certain accessory looks really over his shoulder 😉


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  1. Thistlehair says:

    Looks awesome!!! WOW!!!


    That is one monstrous looking figure

    Think yokozuna.

  3. Feroz Nazir says:


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